Exciting news!

The Free Medical Clinic of Darlington County and
Mercy Medicine Free Clinic have merged to create
Mercy Medical Free Clinics.

A new website is under construction.
For now, all services and locations remain the same.

We Believe. We Magnify.

慈善医学免费诊所已经为佛罗伦萨和威廉斯堡县服务超过27年. 我们的员工和澳门金沙手机版一起为低收入者提供免费的医疗和牙科援助, uninsured adults without healthcare benefits. 我们的目标是维持一个基于基督教爱的原则的免费医疗诊所, faith and compassion.


  • 针对新冠肺炎疫情带来的国家和地方经济形势,美善医学推出“美善医学临时护理项目”."...

  • Effective immediately, 仁慈医学不能接受任何非持牌医疗保健提供者的药物捐赠. This includes both over-the-counter and prescription varieties...

  • Our newsletter, A Minute with Mercy, 是内部创建的,每年出版两次包括在诊所进行的工作吗. Vol 6 – Spring 2022 Vol 5 – Fall 2021 Vol 4 – Spring 2021 Vol 3 – Fall 2020 Vol 2 –......


To provide a free medical and dental home for low-income, uninsured adults from Florence, Williamsburg, and Marion Counties using Judeo-Christian principals of love, integrity and compassion.


成为Pee Dee地区最好的以信仰为基础的优质医疗保健提供者,为低收入者提供服务, uninsured adults in Florence, Williamsburg, and Marion Counties.


Our strong core values that guide us are; love and respect, Compassion and integrity and cooperation and teamwork.

Together we join hands and help people in need.

This is only possible due to our 32 staff members which consist of medical, dental, 行政专业人员和我们的澳门金沙手机版为诊所贡献了很多时间. WE as a team believe that every person deserves healthcare provided with love, faith, compassion, and empathy.

Primary Medical Care

基层医疗服务是仁慈医学义诊所提供的所有医疗服务中最明显和最重要的. 它包括处理在我们整个区域普遍存在的许多较为普遍的健康状况, such as diabetes and hypertension. 幸运的是,我们有很多敬业的员工,比如我们的执业护士,以及一群优秀的志愿医生, a podiatrist, and a dietitian. Specialist care referrals are made as appropriate, usually with a patient copay.

Dental Care

许多来我们这里接受牙科服务的穷人和有工作的穷人无法负担基本的牙科护理. Dental care at the clinic consists primarily of treatment for pain and infection, including necessary extractions, and restorations (fillings). 美慈医学免费诊所的牙科护理是由我们社区的志愿牙医提供的. If indicated, we can help patients with the cost of dentures and partials.


In addition to its many other functions, the Mercy Medicine Free Clinic also features an on-site non-dispensing pharmacy. Also, 我们提供给患者的大部分药物都是通过医药市场获得的, a local retail pharmacy, and through Welvista which is another nonprofit organization. All prescribed medications are free to our patients. The clinic does not have and does not dispense any narcotics.

Specialty On-Site Services

Specialty on-site services now offered for our patients include podiatry, pain management, physical therapy, and nutrition counseling all offered by volunteer providers. Psychological counseling is provided by Highway to Hope through Pee Dee Mental Health.

Patient Eligibility.

To become a patient at Mercy Medicine Free Clinic:

  • Medical patients must be residents of Florence, Williamsburg or, as of September 2021, Marion Counties.
  • 没有资格享受医疗补助或医疗保险,VA(医疗保健),也没有私人医疗保险.
  • 资格筛选是在周一,周二和周四上午9:00至11:00.

To complete an application, you must bring all that apply to you from the list below:

  • Drivers License/Picture ID
  • Proof of Address (bill with your name & address on it)
  • SS Card/Green Card
  • Proof Of All Household Income
    • Check Stubs For The Last 6 Weeks
    • Bank Statement (If money is Direct Deposited.)
    • Complete Food Stamp Printout
    • SSI/Disability/Retirement Income
    • Child Support of AFDC
    • Unemployment Award Notice
    • Last Filed Tax Return
    • Current Federal Tax Return

Make a difference. Make a decision. Magnify our Mission.

我们要感谢我们的合作伙伴,是他们使我们每天都在做的事情成为可能. Through your support and collaboration, 我们有能力通过提供优质的服务和高度的医疗专业精神来影响人们的生活. We believe that together we can create a better community. Do you want to help magnify our mission? 与我们合作提高了人们的意识,让我们有机会帮助有需要的患者. If you would like to submit a proposal for creating a partnership, please email [email protected]. Help Magnify Mercy’s Mission and join us today!

Our Story. Enhancing Lives.

Mercy Medicine Free Clinic was originated on strong Christian values held by Dr. N.B. Baroody, Dr. Earl Jones, Dr. Myers Hicks, Dr. Harry S. Allen Jr., Dr. James Owen, and Dr. John N. Thomason, MD. 这些创始人的信仰和承诺,为佛罗伦萨和威廉斯堡县的低收入和没有保险的个人提供医疗保健,同时保持基督教的爱的原则, faith, and compassion have guided our path since the clinic’s inception.

On October 25, 1994, Mercy Medicine开始运作,每周二上午在佛罗伦萨的Manna House接待病人, SC. Four years later the clinic relocated to Lighthouse Ministries. 2013年,诊所搬到了我们现在位于南科伊特街500号的家. Thad Davis and Charles Greene widen its mission to also cover basic dental services. After two and a half decades of heartfelt work, 美慈义诊已经成为一个成熟的医疗中心,仍然坚持着创始人的愿景. 2019年,超过1600次现场医疗访问和290次现场牙科访问使人们的生活受到专业的影响, love, and warmth. 在这些访问中建立的每一个联系都是由于我们的澳门金沙手机版的虔诚承诺(他们奉献了1405个小时的时间)。, supporters, donors, and staff. 我们的许多病人都是由医疗专家(约100次)和牙科专家(约400次)在场外看的. We are blessed with brilliant partners and gracious donors.


Every person who gives time, resources or prayers is our hero!

Our Board

Mr. Albert A Munn IV – Chariman
Mr. Richard Harrington – Past Chairman
Mr. Mathew Langston – Treasurer
Dr. Eddie Parker – Dental Director
Dr. Steven Ross – Medical Director
Mrs. Jill Heiden Lewis

Mrs. Costa King Cockfield
Mr. Wesley Swinton
Mr. Gerald Rosenlund
Mr. Clark Reifsnider
Rev. Jason Hamshaw
Pastor Michelle Law Gordon

Rev. Michael Crawford
Mr. Keith Buckhouse
Dr. Michael Miller
Mr. Tony Derrick
Mrs. Frankie Garber, C.P.A.
Dr. David Moss

Mercy’s Leadership Team

Brian Lowe

Brian Lowe

James Grzech Mercy Medicine Clinic

James Grzech

Lead Provider
Nurse Practitioner
Debbie Hill Mercy Medicine Clinic

Debbie Hill, RN

Ruthelle Yonce Mercy Medicine

Ruthelle Yonce

Front Office and Dental
Arlene LaVigne

Arlene LaVigne

Drs Bruce and Lee Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shied South Carolina
United Way of Florence
Your financial support is needed and greatly appreciated.

We Believe. We Magnify.

Thank you for contributing to the mission of Mercy Medicine Free Clinic. 如果你是为了纪念某人而捐款,并希望我们给他们发一封感谢信, please include their name and address. Have questions concerning donations? Please email us at [email protected] or call us at (843) 667-9947.

Partnership Levels

  • Platinum: $20,000 and above
  • Gold: $10,000 to $19,999
  • Silver: $5,000 to $9,999
  • Bronze: $500 to $4,999
  • Friends: $1 to $499


Mercy Medicine Free Clinic
500 South Coit Street
Florence, SC 29501

In Person

All donations can be given at the front desk.

Palmetto Peddlers

将未使用过的家具捐赠给慈善医学免费诊所的棕榈小贩,销售所得的90%将捐给慈善医学免费诊所. You can call Richard Harrington at (843) 665-8663 for information on how to donate.


You can contribute to Mercy Medicine Free Clinic as you shop on Amazon. When ordering through AmazonSmile, we will receive 0.5% of your total eligible purchase amount. It is easy to get started! Click here to begin. 或者如果你愿意捐赠日常需要的物品,让他们直接送到我们这里, you may purchase through Amazon using this link.

Free Medical Clinic Donations


Effective immediately, 仁慈医学不能接受任何非持牌医疗保健提供者的药物捐赠. 这包括非处方药和处方药,即使它们是未开封和未使用的. Also, we cannot take any prescription medical devices such as CPAP machines.


If you need to dispose of expired or unused medications, 你可以打电话给当地的CVS或沃尔格林药房,他们会告诉你最近的下车地点.


Even though we can no longer accept these items, we greatly appreciate your generous spirit and thoughtfulness.


然而,我们仍然可以接受非处方医疗设备,如手杖和助行器. Please be sure to call the clinic before coming by with those items if possible.

Join Our Hands.

We need you! Help us provide medical care to our neighbors with love, faith and compassion. 作为一个非营利组织,我们97%的资金用于病人护理,我们依靠澳门金沙手机版. If you have medical training, we have a need for you. If you have compassion, we have a need for you.


澳门金沙手机版是美慈义诊众多职能中的重要组成部分. They comprise a considerable portion of our workforce which includes physicians, other healthcare providers, eligibility screeners, etc. It is safe to say that, without them, 提供我们每天努力追求的医疗专业水平几乎是不可能的.



    Type of volunteer service you are interested in.*

    *This form is not intended for submission of personal medical information.